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Mobile Maverick

Mobile Maverick


Want to save money by cutting out as much overhead as possible? We've got you! 



Access to our proprietary blend gel designed specifically for sensitive teeth as well as all of our mobile equipment. 




2 - 4 Mobile Teeth Whitening Lights 

2 - 4Mobile Teeth Whitening Chairs & Set Ups

2 - 4Teeth Whitening Session Equipment Specifically for Mobile

250 Teeth Whitening Kits with gel included

Customized Website

Online Store & Scheduling Set up

Payment Setup with Card Reader of your choice

1 - 2 Equipment Trainings on Facetime

Mobile teeth whitening training checklist so you can train your team.

Mobile upsales you can provide to your clients. 


One up front cost. No Cut. No Quota. No pressure. 

All packages can be customized to fit your budget.

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